# Color Formats in CSS

Nice introduction into CSS color formats by Joshua Comeau. I learned about the upcoming lch():

LCH is a color format that aims to be perceptually uniform to humans. Two colors with an equivalent “lightness” value should feel equally light!

Looks great!

Also, TIL about that rgb(r g b / a) thing I’ve seen a few times:

For most of CSS’ existence, we specified RGB colors using a slightly different syntax.

This changed in CSS Colors level 4, which introduces a standardized notation used across newer color formats. rgba() isn’t explicitly deprecated, but it’s recommended to use the newer format (fortunately, browser support is excellent).

Hint.css — pure CSS tooltips

While browsers have built-in support for tooltips, which can be added by setting the title attribute, unfortunately, such tooltips don’t look good and have a long delay before they appear. There are many JavaScript libraries for better looking and better behaving tooltips, for example, Bootstrap includes one. It turns out, though, that you can implement them with CSS alone, and that’s what Hint.css does.

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Maverix — Bootstrap theme for webapps with Mac look

Currently native apps built with web technologies are on the rise. Projects like NW.js (node-webkit) and Atom Shell allow us to write cross-platform GUI applications with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. While many projects use one look for every operating system they run on, sometimes you want to have a native look for your hybrid app. That’s when Maverix comes into play: it’s a Bootstrap theme with OS X Mavericks look specifically designed to be used in “native webapps”.

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