Tiny Reacty stack

If you like your React and styled components, but want to reduce the size of your JavaScript bundles, consider the following tiny alternatives:

  • Preact — 3 KB alternative to React, with a few kilobytes more if you want full compatibility.
  • goober — 1 KB styled components alternative.

Preact also has its own interesting state library called signals. It’s tiny and enables rendering optimizations by avoiding virtual DOM in certain cases. (There is also a version of signals available for React if you need to switch back.)

React Canvas — render React components to canvas

React.js is known for its virtual DOM, but as Facebook’s software engineer Bill Fisher said, the virtual DOM is only an implementation detail.

Last week we saw Facebook releasing React Native, which renders native OS components instead of DOM elements. Today Flipboard released React Canvas, a high performance React renderer for <canvas>.

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