Phabricator is an integrated toolbox of web applications to help teams collaborate on software development. It contains tools for code review, repository hosting, code browsing, bug tracking, wiki, and other useful things.

History of Phabricator

Phabricator started as internal Facebook project. It then was released to public as open source, and Phabricator's principal developer left Facebook to take over the project development with the newly founded company called Phacility. The initial release was in 2010. Phabricator is written in PHP and uses MySQL.

Who uses Phabricator

Phabricator is in use in many notable companies and startups, such as, of course, Facebook, Khan Academy, Pinterest. In 2014 Wikimedia announced that it would use Phabricator to help develop their projects, such as Wikipedia. FreeBSD and LLVM projects use Phabricator for code reviews.

Services provided by Phabricator

Code Reviews

Phabricator provides a convenient tool for code reviews. No wonder many notable companies use it for auditing and reviewing their code. Code reviews in Phabricator (click on the screenshot to go to the Phabricator tour) Code review module is called Differential.

Tasks and Issue Tracking

Phabricator includes task management and bug tracking. The module is called Maniphest. Tasks in Phabricator With Maniphest, you can keep track of issues, assign tasks to team members, comment on them, and track when the tasks are completed. Other users may subscribe to tasks.

Repository Hosting

Phabricator can host Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories and provide authenticated read and write access to them over HTTPS and SSH. There is a guide on how to configure repository hosting.


You can easily write documentation in Phabricator's wiki via Phriction module. Phabricator wiki to write project documentation


Calendar will help you learn when team members are available. Phabricator Calendar

Other apps

There are other apps/modules available in Phabricator; you can learn more about them by taking the Phabricator tour. More apps will be available soon — you can see the upcoming modules in the roadmap.

Where to get Phabricator

Website: GitHub: License: Apache License 2.0